Watch here is Hakan Agro’s view on how Indian budget impacted pulses sector

Watch here is Hakan Agro’s view on how Indian budget impacted pulses sector Speaking with CNBC Sudhakar Tomar Managing Director of Hakan Agro echoed the theme he has been advocating that the agriculture sector is critical to India’s GDP growth. It provides subsistence for more than 70% of the workforce, although its contribution to the GDP is only 17%. Unproductive agriculture is an unsustainable burden on the national economy and this has to change. 2016 & 2017 path breaking pro agri & pro farmer budgets include several revolutionary changes that will alleviate the negative effects of years of dysfunctional policies that kept farmers poor and uneducated, making them incapable of pursuing their own best interests in the long term. Built on path breaking initiatives of past year Indian budget for 2017 gave a much needed 200 billion dollar push to agriculture by increasing funding by 24% for farm credit, crop insurance, access to irrigation, contract farming , soil testing , e-market places , and develop the dairy sector . India is blessed with 270 days of sunshine a year, annual rainfall of 900 mm, diverse agro-climate conditions that allow for three harvests per year, extraordinary biodiversity, more than 7,000 km of coastline, hundreds of rivers crisscrossing the country, and more than 1.3 billion progress-loving people. In other words, India has all the resources it needs not only to become totally self-sufficient in terms of its food supply, but also to generate a surplus in agricultural commodities and value added products for export markets.